Ways To Beat Roulette 2019!

Marsha Edwards/ August 21, 2018/ Roulette Strategy

Hello, my friends are monitoring the founder and CEO of roulette how to win calm. I took the testimonials from my students and I showing you real proof that roulette can be beaten. There are girls who beat roulette.

There are men who beat to let my students know to make money from casinos, because it’s the same thing, which I do so. If I make money from casinos you can do it too. Don’T rely on what you see on YouTube, because this is not everything what you need to see on YouTube. Most of the videos doesn’t explain you how to beat roulette. Remember that any strategy you will gon na learn any strategy you will gon na learn.

If you play over and over again roulette will play against your strategy, so fault of that Hulett cannot be written by playing strategies. Roulette can be beaten only when you play with the error of roulette. So, as I told you roulette makes one big mistake every time when you are playing at roulette, there is something there is an error. That error makes you win at Roulette, but you must to understand how it is to win at Roulette. Now I can helping you because I’ve done that for 16 years for five years, I’ve learned roulette and for 11 new years I win as a pro every time when I learn and train a student, they tell me something in how many days I can become a Vip gambler now this is something which you can do it in one week or you can do it in three months.

So let me explain you how to become a VIP gambler, because there are so many of you who want to become a VIP gambler without going step by step, and I will explain you how it works. If you have money, if you can afford to play with 1500 euros with 4,000 euro from beginning, if you afford that amount of money to play in VIP, you can our VIP after you buy the DVD. You can order, give me the VIP in one week, but what I suggest to all my students is to not rush the thing when I was becoming a VIP gambler.

I’Ve done three years of playing casual and professional, so I was made for 5,000 euro per month. Now, if you rush the things you don’t learn correctly the roulette, but if you have money to invest from the beginning four thousand five thousand euro in casino, you can play VIP in one week you can radiate be making four thousand euro in one session, but as I told you it’s too much at the beginning playing on this huge amount of money. All my students know that if they start with 200 euros in a casino, they can make money from casino. So once you buy my DVD 5000 euro, it’s enough 200 euros to start and making money in the first month.

You make 1000 euro. In the second month from 1000 euro you go to 3,000 euro and in the third month from 3000 euro, you go nearly to 6000 7000 euro without counting the super beds. But this is the money you can go. I have students who have made nine thousand euro. Five hundred and fifty five thousand and five hundred pounds, it depends because there are many who are scared to play it rapidly, and there are people who wants to make faster money so depends on what knowledge and what you like to play.

But if you go with my suggestion, it’s better for you to become a VIP gambler after three months because playing with 200 euros, you make money and play from casino money. So if you start with 200 euros from low-budget, if you do some mistakes, you can’t lose thousands of euros. You lose 200 euros. If you make some mistakes when you practice so starting with 200 euros, it’s much better for you than starting with 4000 euros.

So in the moment you start with 200 euros. You adapt to the situation when you adapt to the situation. You become better and better and better like that, you become a VIP gambler, becoming a VIP gambler.

It will change radically your mentality, roulette, it’s a computer, it doesn’t know what amount of money you are playing. So if you start with minimum wager of 10 cents or you are playing with the minimum wager of 10 euros, roulette doesn’t know what you are doing. It will play the same numbers over and over and over again, it’s simple, but you must digest all the 16 years knowledge which I have I taught about my DVD. That is my baby now. This DVD has helped me in mind game with roulette without this DVD.

I never been able to understand read because I was creating this DVD. This knowledge, I was mastering myself better, so this is why I share this DVD, which I created for me not for anybody. In the beginning, I was creating the DVD for me to understand battle.

Roulette but now all these knowledge which I have it doesn’t need me anymore, because it’s in my head, so what I’m doing is sharing with you this DVD, like that you can win from casinos. We are so less people here we are not so many, but any student which I have is a winner. This is the most important thing that you are a winner.

So in the moment you play as VIP every time when you are playing, you have a risk. You have a risk because you need to play perfectly to not make mistakes. Of course you will by applying night secret, but this risk is salt in which it will confidence you in the future. If you learn to play with low budget, you understand. So when you start with low budget, the risk is not high because playing with low budget. You creating thousands and thousands of euros and after that you have the amount from which to take and play in VIP, but every time when you take money from your pocket and you play in casino.

This is not something which I recommend every time when you play a dread, you must learn to play with casino money, because if you are playing with casino money, you will be in winnings all the time. This is the secret one of the secret in which how you can beat casinos – casinos, like you, that you play tons and tons of sessions and drinking alcohol and playing every day because, like that, they know that sooner or later you will gon na lose in their Casinos now with the roulette professional gamblers, we don’t do this kind of stuff. We don’t drink alcohol. We don’t play every day because we are professional gamblers. Now, when you become VIP gamblers, you doesn’t have to play every three days.

You can play one session in one week and it’s enough making four thousand four thousand euro, even if you make in one session four thousand euro. Imagine that there are minimum 60 thousand euro per month in VIP is totally different, but why to play with your money, when you can play with casino money, so my friend, you can do the same things which I tell to my students, which I tell to myself. Blame pragmatically nobody knows to play pragmatically, they don’t know this word.

Every gambler, amat Oracle gambler they play without knowing what they are doing. You can play at roulette for thirty years, forty years twenty years and to not learn nothing from blood, because when you are gambling aggressive gambler at left, you don’t learn from red. You lose over and over and over again the moment you start to study roulette is the moment when you start to open your eyes, but you see on the internet, 99 % of the people are against you, so why I am telling you that they are against You now, if you watch all 99 % of the strategy from the internet, the users from YouTube, for example, they give you links with casinos, so they suggesting you to go and play to this kind of Cassino. This Scardino or something else casino, but they are affiliated. So they are making money from all your losses by taking a commission from the casino how you can learn something good from this kind of people just think about. How can they help in you when they win money?

If you lose money casino, they can’t learn you to beat casino, because if you win from casinos, it doesn’t receive Commission’s all 99 % of the people from the YouTube. They are doing this kind of things of job to be affiliated with casinos and giving strategies to people to users. People like you, you don’t have to do anymore, this stuff I’ve done for you this stuff in the past. I know everything about roulette. Why should you risk your money in something which doesn’t work? My friend affiliated people doesn’t want that you make money now, of course, in my case the price is 5000 euro, but you don’t have to pay nothing to me.

If you are from UK, you can play in balance. If you have money you can pay in bitcoins. There are casinos which use bitcoins. You can pay in bitcoins roulette, doesn’t know what amount of money you have.

He will play the same numbers over and over and over again best regards my friends. I hope that you see me as a winner. Now I lost six sixteen kilograms because I have ambitions. I become a millionaire because I have ambition. I built it roulette because I have ambition. I am a winner and only a winner can make in you a winner.

Losers can drag you only to lose. So remember that the internet is full of confusion. You don’t know what to do.

You can trust nobody, but remember something about me. You see me in five hundred videos on YouTube when you pay something from me. I give you my real address, my name and my real address.

Why to think that I’m a scammer when I giving you my address when I showing my face not only that let’s go from that put minimum 150 euros to one casino and call me to making your free proof, and I will make Ingo three proof. You will not see that I am NOT playing randomly I’m playing pragmatically. You will not understand what I’m doing, but you will see that I’m making you up to it. I will make you a free proof.

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