How To Beat Roulette

Marsha Edwards/ September 28, 2018/ Roulette Strategy

Since my 10 years of beating roulette, I’ve learned that the first step for you to making money from casinos it is to be smarter than casino owners. Yesterday I have a friend and I invited to my house, and we have spoke about electronic poker machines, which was 15 years ago. Now. This friend of mine 15 years ago, was winning from electronic poker machines between 1,000 to 2,000 euro. Every day he was traveling. The country from city to city, to win from slot machine from poker machines.

Now he told me how he got involved in making money from electronic machines, how he got understanding the flawed of any poker machine. And he told me that at some point he was recognized by cousin owners and he was being managed from that casinos to play at poker machines. Now you see roulette is the same principle like electronic machines like slot machines, it’s an electronic device. What is electronic? It’S a software, any software created by men can be crackit by men. What my words, when I tell you, I repeat you: any software created by man can be crackered by men.

So if you understand this principle, you don’t have finless, you don’t have fear about any electronic game. I studied for 15 years, you let so I don’t know to play on blackjack on poker on different games. I am master at your left, but if you were gon na study my work, you don’t need anymore to study other programs, it’s enough for you to play at Roulette entire your life since 2002, when the Internet has become spread it to the world.

Casinos have grown and have been more and more till today, every month one casino is opening on the Internet. What I’m trying to tell you is that casino owners knows the power of mathematics and they are betting on the knowledge on the last knowledge of the gambler. They know that you can beat roulette because they have programmers close to them. These programmers knows the flawed in length, but they want to keep secret this flawed, because in the moment everybody knows about this flawed in roulette, everybody will who will win so their interest?

Is everybody to lose and my friends this knowledge at some point somebody was founded. If I didn’t, if I was not the person who find the secret, somebody else was doing in my place all right. So this is why you need to understand the roulette can be bitter, because casino owners knows that can be bitter.

So if they know they have a smart condition because they have the knowledge that rule a can be written, they created the terms and conditions now in terms and conditions. They’Ll tell if we believe that you are suspicious gambler on our side on our casino. We have the power to block you to remove your credit and banning you from our casino when you register in any casino you don’t read the terms and conditions, but if you wan na read, you will see this line, which I told you now they they are Smart, they don’t want to tell you in even in terms and conditions that using your luck can be beaten. Please don’t play against the flow of lab because we will manage you. They are smart because they know that if they read, if they write in their terms and conditions, the flood of wrath, everybody will more people will understand the fraud of your lab, but they are not telling you the fraud of Woollett what they are telling.

You is if they believe you you’re a suspicious gambler, so they accused for something else, but they referred themselves to the fraud of blood how to cash off money from these casinos, because casinos are not stupid. The only way to cash out money is to make from 2000 euro 5000 euro and cashing out 3000 euro, so you cash 3000, 3000, 3000, and so on till they abandon you. In the moment they banned you, you must play on different casino. Otherwise, you can create a new account to a friend to a sister, a brother, wife, father, any person who is allegedly 18 years old.

You can create an account with a different credit card and to play again to the same casino, but anyway there are 3000 casinos worldwide on the Internet. There are more than 2000 casinos. So if you play even for one year on one casino, you can play all the casinos in three lives because there are so many so what you wan na do.

First, you need to buy my programs all my programs. If you want to win only one session in three days, you can play with DNA eight formulas, one session every three days on one casino, only any casino you want. If you want to win every day, then you buy the DVD 5000 euro in the DVD 5,000 euro. You will learn the secret the flood of wrath. The mistake roulette is made. You will learn the super band, which is a bet when you win nothing hundred or three thousand, but eight nine hundred or nine thousand euro per session.

There are Chinese Roland software. All programs are included in the five thousand euro DVD except one program. Perfect formula is not in the DVD, but in the rest you have everything in a DVD. If you wan na see how I play with my students in real sessions, you can buy the DVD or the perfect formula. In the moment you have the perfect formula.

The DNA egg formulas and the DVD five thousand euro – you have all the knowledge so like that you can mix this knowledge to not tracking you, the casinos. I told you again and again and again don’t play the same thing over and over again because roulette. It’S an computer and this computer record your moves once you discover how you are playing he’s playing against your move against your strategy against your formula. But if you know exactly when to stop when to change the strategy, you will never be found.

I’Ve helped many people, many students make money from casinos and I promise you something when you will gon na buy all my programs. In three months you become roulette professional gambler. Like me, you can make hundreds of thousands of euros from casinos in the beginning.

You will gonna play on online casinos because it’s much simpler for you to have in the right side the calculations and in the left side the casino so like that you see exactly what you are doing. But, of course, with the time you will be mastered and you can go in real casinos just to memorize the calculations, because in real casinos you need to know how many chips you may you must do better all right but anyway, even if you choose to play In live life or in online roulette, you can beat any roulette. You want first proof that I am honest I am showing my self in the matter of fact. If you want to visit me in my house, you can come in Romania, cluj-napoca search on Google about cluj-napoca, and you can find that it’s an international City. We have hundreds and thousands of foreign students.

They come here to study in universities, so my city is very recognized worldwide. They say in my city is the Silicon Valley of Europe, so all the big IT software companies are in my city. People from here live a life very European, so you can make a trip and visit me if you like. You can spend time with me. You can learn from me, which is one one, much better, so decide what you need to do, because I’m here to help you I’m showing myself. So you must to trust me because I’m showing myself the rest of the people you see on the internet.

They are not showing themselves, they selling your software or 50 euros a strategy for tenure rules, but they are not showing themselves now. The second thing is that when you asked for support, they don’t assist you because they don’t have to be trapped. How can they support? You and assist you because they don’t know to be to be read.

They are selling all your problem. In my case, I am making you sessions by sessions from TV, viewer or Skype. So, like that, you see – and you learn from me directly when you pay something.

This is the problem which you need to fight with. I can’t even do my programs for free if you wan na, prove then by one formula which is five hundred and fifty euros and test that for three times you can make maximum nine hundred euros three hundred euros per session. So you can have a proof. Why do I not make real proof?

Because if I’m making your proof to you and I plan for yourself after one hour, you were gon na tell me a drug was pure luck, maybe another proof and you won’t become greedy and you will gon na ask me for another proof and again after one Hour, you will gon na ask me another proof, because if somebody is sceptic setting and don’t want to believe, even if I make him 1 million euros, he doesn’t believe, but I can’t say only to the laptop to make proofs if 10 people ask me in a Day to make him prove 12 hours, I make only proofs, as I told you, I have my second business where I are when I sell rent the luxury apartments so few hours per day. I have time for the students who invest in my programs, but if you have not invested something, I’m not investing. So you need to deal with that. If you don’t trust me, because I’m showing myself, because I given you my real address when you pay something because I’m giving you the possibility with only 550 rose, tested my secrets for three sessions, then I don’t have nothing to do. I can’t help you, because even if I make you Tana was proof if you are setting, you will be the same, loser and idiotic, because only idiots don’t believe when something is real.

So a person who knows a few person who knows that there is a knowledge and somebody else doesn’t know the knowledge. Somebody else are idiots. So the people who doesn’t believe they are videos. So when you fight with idiots it’s impossible to fight with idiots, because you can’t change the people mentality in a matter of fact, if you don’t invest in my programs, I am NOT able to helping you, because I will not intervene in your life without you. Inviting me so if you don’t invite me in your life, I will not come okay. You need to trust me and the first step is: you need to invest something too.

So if you want to test, I giving you one formula and you can test three times, but you need to invest at least 550 euros in one form like giving you one secret. I will not giving you for free in the matter of fact, if you don’t have 550 euros to pay for the test, how you gon na pay me twelve thousand and five hundred euros, because all my programs cost twelve thousand and five hundred euros only when you Buy all of them in one pack, you can have it in seven thousand and five hundred euro. So if you don’t have 550 euros, how you gon na pay 7,500 euros just get the idea. If I can’t help you, if you don’t trust me, go find something else, I don’t mean that it’s only for rich people are even for poor people, but the poor and septic people. They don’t have a place here, go and find something else and trust me in the end, you will return to me why you were gon na return to me because I’m doing your own harness I’m the only one who is showing himself.

So there are many pieces in which you can understand that I’m modest, I am a real deal, a real proof. I told you I made more than six hundred fifty thousand euro from online casinos. If you go to my proofs on my website, you can see how I have been Bennet from casinos, the emails. I receive it from casinos that I am banded and I cannot play anymore on that cut Zino’s. So you have tons of proofs.

I am good in numbers. Let me help you because I have the knowledge but, as I told you, I never come to you, you must come to me. You must invite me in your house. If you don’t invite me, if you don’t ask me if you are not interested about my programs, I am NOT able to help you, because I am NOT doing for free. I spend more than fifty thousand euro and five years to learn the secret.

You must to invest something I have sacrificed myself so now. We need to sacrifice yourself, but, as I told you, if you go to university, you spend more than four years finishing a profession here with me. In few weeks you become a rillette professional gambler, but knowledge which will remain for all your life. You can play 40 minutes every day and not the 40 minutes. You can travel all over the world. You can go.

Do your things you can enjoy life. You make your for 40 minutes session and that’s it. You go and do something else. After few months you playing VIP in 40 minutes. You make three thousand four thousand euro.

It’S simple! Let me help you because I have the knowledge best regards my friends and remember.

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