Gambling Winning and Losing Streaks and the Standard Deviation

Marsha Edwards/ December 10, 2018/ Gambling Winning

Gambling Winning and Losing Streaks, and the Standard Deviation Here is an Excel spreadsheet set up to simulate an even-money coin flip game — heads wins one dollar and tails loses one dollar. The graph shows the change in bankroll for 100 flips. If you were to flip a real coin and have a friend record and graph the results,

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9 Lottery Winners Who’d Wish They Never Won

Marsha Edwards/ September 6, 2018/ Gambling Winning

From spending all your money on coke to murderous beggars we look at 9 Lottery Winners Who’d Wish They Never Won 9. Callie Rogers • If there’s one thing we know about teens, its that they have no idea how to manage money let alone millions of dollars. • Or pounds in this case. Callie Rogers was the UK’s youngest

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