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Marsha Edwards/ December 16, 2018/ Roulette Strategy

Hello, my friends, welcome to a new tutorial about how to beat any online roulette. You want in the fact you can play and win and make money even on live roulette or or on Idol, read any roulette. You, like you, can beat with my secrets now, as I told you before in the many videos of mine, any strategy haves four phases so what it means. It means that if we play one phases, you need to know the rest of three phases alright.

So I will explain you all four phases inside members area when you will buy now, I will showing you a strategy, the one phase, so I will show you only one phase, but you will see the potential of this strategy now with this strategy. You don’t need more than 500 units, you can play in towns, euros and any currency it doesn’t matter. Mathematics doesn’t distinguish on how you’re betting you can play with 5000 euro or with 5000 or 500 euros.

There is no limit on how much money you can make in the first step playing here: What we need to know to understand is that roulette is divided in six numbers of six. So what is many important in roulette? We need to understand is the number six.

The number six is very, very important on the latter, because all numbers are divided in six numbers. So let me explain you what means so. We have one two, three, four, five and six now any result from here to here. It’S a pattern now this must be. It can be six from here to here or from here to here it doesn’t matter alright, so it doesn’t matter. Where is the pattern once you know the applying the rule of beating roulette?

Now let me show you what I mean and how you can bet and beat roulette forever, so we will take the last six numbers in the lessees numbers we need to have, as we have hints here. 35 35. We have a pattern on 35, so when we see in the last six numbers 35 35 closely or 35 between the pattern must we must come now. I will showing you a pattern which is much important for you to understand that roulette is predictable. You can beat the house, so, let’s spin chassis, Negro part mix, varuga mess of a placid spiral, a dosage, nay group. Our programs have a placid spiral, a ho.

We have fourteen and twenty closely. So we need another new number and we can start our session. So we need in another three spins that we come up: another twenty fourteen, thirty one or one or thirty three. So let’s see that Joey Negron per programs have a placid spiral. A no sprezzatura Xu impair programs have a placid spiral. A patron a group.

Our programs have a placid spidery. We have a pattern right now. So, as you can see here, we have 4:19. So we go here on the table. We look for for 19 and so in the nearest six numbers we have three times so it’s. Let me look a little bit two four six, so the pattern starts from here and goes to four until here, alright.

So this is the pattern: what we look, so we look 1914 and two. Now our session must start. We can start and playing our numbers. We will start with one number playing 19 after we playing two numbers after three numbers and so on.

Alright, I will explain you how it works in just a moment, just watch how simple it is to be true, let and you play and win on roulette forever. So we will add one euro on four and we will start for 21 or excuse me 19. So we need to add on 19 and we will start nineteen for 21, 25, 17, 34 and so on.

We go and bet exactly how it works. So, let’s play 19 shops present in a group, but with other games have a place at spirally and we add 4. So we add number four trays. Each row shoe pal program. Several present spirally, we add 21 days procedural shoe, but programs have a plus inspire. You realize we had to those I choked Negro but Murugan’s have a placid spare you Nellie 25.

Now how you are betting. I will explain resign members, those itchy ginger, oh sure, Impa odds. Fish ticket programs have a place at spar. You relay in few spins. We have won the pattern now. This means that you can beat the house forever if you understand how it works.

Now, to showing you more about this, I will show me that we can win three times in a row with this pattern, so we will repeat the bet inside the members area. As I told you, I will showing you all four phases, so you need to have all these phases, not only one what you see right now, it’s only one phase. It’S only one phase.

You need to see all four phases when you will buy my DVD. You will learn the four phases, so, let’s play again with these to show you that we can win another two times in a row with this pattern. So we start with these numbers and we play trays Ichiro shoe, but four games have a placid spiral, a bad. So we will add: 17 okay, uno Rocha, impire, virgam 7 Prasad spiral a dosage. She shopped, a brochure in bar programs have a blessed spiral, a we will add 6, and now we look here. We bet again jeans possession a group embarked program, several assets per unit.

Now we add 27 and we double up. I will explain you how to develop every time when you will see an outrage Rochelle bar for gum several presents for you really right now we add 30. Let me see if you doing 13 alright and we play again u.s position. Negro in bar for games have a placid spar. You relay now we play 36 and we add one number all right: J sprezzatura shoe bar varuga mess of applicants per unit.

We look 36:11. We had 11 and we have another one ship, so remember, 600 unites it’s enough to make money with my knowledge all right. Okay, we have four.

So we continue trace positioning rule in banner ads. Krrish ticket programs have a placid spiral and innate we have made two winnings right now and we can win another one time. So we have two four six, eight ten twelve numbers we can play again with these numbers. We can win another one time and I will explain you how to win another one time. So, let’s play again cheese position: ecru Impa, varuga mess of a placid spiral, a who shops present a Negro in ads Krish ticket programs of a plus experiment works.

Once you have the pattern once you have the pattern that showing you here in the last six numbers it showing you two times three times the numbers, as I’ve explained in you in this chart, you can start to playing and beat roulette how it works. Now. The first phases, so the first phase, is to find one two three numbers which are closely in the closely in the neighbor of six numbers.

So three numbers closely: won’t you start and it’s like in this example, nine four and two we start to bed 19 after 4 after 21, after two after 25 – and we start this chart to play and beating the house now to have all the information on how It works, you must contact me. So, let’s try to see another pattern. If we see that means another pattern, so we have 1.

2. 4. 3. 4.

5. 6. This is not good, so we take the last 15 and 17. This is not good now, which is the chair, oh sure, but or another ooh games have a plus at spar.

You really, let’s see 1, which is 16, so we need another one number closely to 16 and we can start the game. So we have 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

We need to run one spin tray that you do your oh sure, but for games have a pleasant spiral, a new pattern 32 and 15. So we need 1, 2. 3. 4.

We need another once means closely: doughy Negroponte murugan, several plus X bar. You really have to and 17 so we have 2 and 17 all right. Let me look. We need another one. Ginge Rocher impalas Murugan’s have a placid spirally, those that you know Raja Impa, Murugan, sever, placet, spar, you relay so here is another pattern. So in this chart we have 1 2 and 21 3.

So let’s look if we have understand what it means all right, so we have first seventeen all right. We have seventeen. The next one is 2, so we have 2 here and we have 21.

So the last three numbers are closely at maximum 6, so our pattern right now is 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. All right!

So these are the pattern. Now we start from here and it’s going to or until here 2 4 2 4 on till here. All right, so it’s simple now what we do again, we add on 21 and we start again playing the same numbers 21 after we repeat, we play 2 and so on great now you understand how it works and you can play with one phases. But if you want to have all four phases, you need to contact me to explaining you how to beat always roulette. It’S simple guys and it’s possible.

Now, I’m not showing you only the reason why I’m showing you one face. It’S because I want you to see that you can beat the house, but inside my DVD 5,000 euro. I can explain you all four phases.

I can explain you all about how to gambling on roulette. It’S so simple, this game once you know how to play, and I will showing you that if I am able to beat roulette, we my help, you will be dread best regards my friends, hope you enjoyed this strategy, is very powerful and is so simple to play.

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