9 Lottery Winners Who’d Wish They Never Won

Marsha Edwards/ September 6, 2018/ Gambling Winning

From spending all your money on coke to murderous beggars we look at 9 Lottery Winners Who’d Wish They Never Won

9. Callie Rogers

• If there’s one thing we know about teens, its that they have no idea how to manage money let alone millions of dollars. • Or pounds in this case. Callie Rogers was the UK’s youngest lottery winner at 16, winning £1.9 million. Which she then lost within a few years, blowing £250,000 on well…blow. Give a kid riches and they spend it on cocaine. • In 6 years Callie was down to £2,000, back to working 3 cleaning jobs and attempted suicide in that time. She also ended up posing semi-nude in a magazine in 2010. But for all that Callie says she’s happier now without the money.

8. William Post III

• Going from rags to riches doesn’t always work out, as was the case with poor William Post the 3rd. • After spending a childhood in orphanages and living as a nomad, William was down to his last dollar when he miraculously won 16.2 million. However his poor spending habits meant that when he received his first yearly payment of $500,000, it was gone in two weeks. By his third month of being rich, he was $500,000 in debt. • Not only that but his brother hired a hit man to kill him and his wife. That failed though and Post ended up spending the rest on bad business ventures. He eventually spent some time in jail for firing a pistol at a debt collector.

7. Evelyn Adams

• Hitting the jackpot twice within a year, you’d be tempted to think luck is on your side. • Evelyn Adams won $5.4 million between 1985 and 86, assuming she was on a hot streak Evelyn took the money and tried to double it at the casino. Yeah that turned out as about as well as you would expect. The rest of the money was lost due to Evelyn being overly generous to beggars. • Now she lives in a trailer which hopefully has taught her that next time someone hands her millions of dollars, she puts it a savings account instead of in a slot machine.

6. David Lee Edwards

• How does someone lose $27 million in five years? Lots and lots of drugs that’s how. • So is the sad story of David Lee Edwards who would go from living in a mansion to sleeping in a storage shed surrounded by human shit. David recklessly blew $12 million in the first year just on cars, a Learjet, replica swords and his new Palm Beach mansion. • David eventually got into a heroin habit that would see his children taken away from him.

Things only got worse as David fell into debt and succumbed to hepatitis contracted from his drug habit.

5. Michael Carroll

• In the pantheon of most ridiculous spending, Micheal Carroll takes first prize in being a jackass. • After winning £9.7 million at the age of 19, Michael was dubbed the “lotto lout” by UK newspapers because of his insane spending habits. Spending £12,000 a week on drugs and sleeping with around 4,000 prostitutes. • Carroll even held a demolition derby in his sizeable backyard, which ended up being trashed as well as the house. Eventually Carroll lost all his money but says now that he doesn’t regret his shortsighted ways.

4. Urooj Khan

• If you are a hard working immigrant who wins big on a scratch ticket you should be over the moon…and Urooj Khan was until somebody poisoned him with cyanide. • Urooj won a $1 million on a chance ticket and was so grateful that he gave the guy who sold him the ticket $100 right then and there. Everything was roses but then morning after his check had arrived, Urooj suddenly died. • Doctors believed it was natural causes until Urooj’s brother demanded another autoposy, beliving he had been poisoned. And what do you know he was right. Traces of cyanide were found. The main theory is that Urooj’s wife poisoned his dinner that night.

3. Maria Lou Devrell

• When you win a large some of money, don’t trust anyone to have your best interests at heart, especially not your accountant. • Maria Lou Devrell found this out the hard way when her long-time friend and accountant hit her over the head with a wooden mallet. Peter Kelly had been managing Maria’s finances after she won a cool $5 million and by managing I mean investing it into shady Fijian construction projects. • After losing a lot of Mrs. Devrell’s money, an argument occurred that would end with her dead on the kitchen floor. I’m sure that was all just part of the business package, “I’ll manage your money and your death!”

2. Keith Gough

• They say money causes the most amount of stress and for Keith Gough it eventually put him in the grave. • Keith won a tidy £9 million but like with almost everyone else on this list he fell victim to his own vices. Blowing large amounts on gambling, alcohol and an executive box for Aston Villa FC home games. He also managed to lose 700,000 to a con man, pretending to be a property investor. • Keith ended up losing everything and checking into rehab for alcoholism. But unfortunately he ended up dying of heart attack that was attributed to all the stress that fell on him by having money and losing it all.

1. Abraham Shakespeare

• Sometimes the most generous people are the ones who end up getting screwed over the most. • Abraham Shakespeare won $30 million in a Florida lottery and being a kind hearted dude he gave a lot of it away to needy people and even allowed the homeless to stay with him. But of course someone had to take advantage of that kindness, enter Dee Dee Moore who became friends with Abraham and offered to help manage his cash. • So when Abraham dissapered one day, people weren’t sold on her story about him running away from beggars. Eventually they found Abraham’s body under a concrete slab at Dee Dee’s home.

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